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Berlin. Frankfurt. London.

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"We have always done it this way: The most dangerous phrase in business."
Christopher Gerling
Christopher Gerling
Data Scientist (M.Sc.)

Python, SQL, Java, R, HTML, CSS

Git, Pandas, Numpy, Sklearn, PySpark, NLTK, Gensim, PIL/Pillow, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Tensorflow, PySpark

Google Cloud Platform, Cloudera, Hadoop/Hive

Artificial Intelligence

As a master’s graduate who specialized in artificial intelligence and machine learning, I possess a deep understanding of these fields. My ongoing research focus on unstructured data enables me to stay at the forefront of these rapidly evolving technologies, making me a valuable asset to any project that requires expertise in this area.

Humboldt university of berlin

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Computer science

Having studied computer science courses in my undergraduate degree, I have a solid foundation in the fundamental concepts and principles of the field. As a university instructor of basic computer science skills, I am well-versed in the best practices for teaching these concepts to others. In my current role as a data scientist, I rely on these skills daily to tackle complex data challenges and implement effective data-driven solutions.

Humboldt university of berlin

Business Administration

My background in business administration, with a focus on digital strategies, business models, and digital leadership, enables me to effectively navigate the complexities of the digital landscape. I leverage this expertise to guide organizations through digital transformations and develop data-driven strategies that drive growth and competitive advantage.

berlin school of economics and law

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Professional Experience

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Data Scientist

As someone who has extensively explored data in the banking sector, I have become skilled at converting complex data into practical insights that help businesses move ahead. With a strong background in finance and a talent for analytics, I'm eager to share my expertise and cooperate on fresh data-driven initiatives.

Commerzbank AG, since 2021

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Project Management Digital Banking

Teaching has always been a great passion of mine. I founded a learning programme with a focus on digitalisation. The workshops support both employees and executives during the digital transformation. Another big topic of mine is process automation and optimisation - what language do you code in?

Commerzbank AG, 2018 - 2021

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Agile Work &
Innovation Management

I have learned important concepts of innovation management and participated in different workshops to prepare companies for their digital transformation. Topics like Design Thinking, Business Model Canvas and Agile Work are well-known to me now - wanna talk about it soon?

Openspace GmbH, 2018

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ML Community Lead

Cultivating a thriving machine learning community of over 100 like-minded enthusiasts within our company, I've facilitated the exchange of ideas and fostered innovation at every turn. It's about empowering others to unlock the full potential of cutting-edge ML applications in the banking sector.

Commerzbank AG, since 2023

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UX Design &
IT Project Management

I was able to join a wonderful startup-team of UX designers, developers and IT project managers in Berlin.
The focus was set on re-building traditional banking processes for a digital era. Clean design and big data are daily business. Customer-centred development of IT solutions? I love it!

Neugelb Studios GmbH, 2018

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Corporate Banking

The relationship management and the administration of corporate clients is both challenging and diverse. Fundamental skills in banking, economics and office management were on the schedule. How to optimise the supply chain management of a corporate client with a banking solution? Well, what about a Blockchain?

Commerzbank AG, 2015 - 2018

Digital Literacy

The digital economy has created a demand for a distinct set of skills in recent years. As an educator, I am passionate about enabling individuals to navigate this transformation by developing personalized teaching sessions.

My sessions comprise of three integral components: digital fundamentals, emerging digital trends, and industry-specific training. 

Transforming Processes

As a data scientist in banking, I optimize processes with data insights. Using statistical and machine learning techniques, I develop customized solutions to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer experience.

My goal is to enable companies to deliver exceptional services by ensuring smooth operations and competitiveness in the industry.

Christopher Gerling
The future of banking lies in utilizing data and AI to enhance customer experiences and drive strategic business decisions.
Christopher Gerling